Traditional Martial Arts in a Family Atmosphere.


The following is a list of current classes offered at Arteca's Martial Arts & Fitness. Descriptions of all our available programs can be found below. For additional information about specific programs or to set up a free introductory class, please contact us.

Little Dragons

Monday & Thursday 5:30 - 6:15

This is a special program designed for younger students and students who may not be ready for the vigorous nature of our youth programs. Certified Black Belt instructors teach personal safety, self defense, concentration, discipline, respect, self control and confidence. This program is designed to generate interest in the martial arts by combining the discipline of the regular youth program with some fun added to make it more appealing to younger students. The Little Dragon Program will prepare the students for a smooth transition to the youth program at their own pace.

Youth & Adult Gup

Monday & Thursday 6:30 - 7:40

Wednesday 7:00 - 8:10

This program is for children through seniors and all ages in between. Areas covered in this program are basic hand techniques (Soo Ki) for blocking and striking, both ground and jumping kick techniques (Jo Ki), forms (hyung), offensive sparring using kick and hand techniques (Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun), self defense techniques (Ho Sin Sul), weapons (Bong Sul) and breaking (Kyuck Pa). For those of you who are not familiar with the term hyung it is a predetermined logical sequence against an imaginary attacker. Hyungs are used to create a unification of Body, Mind and Spirit. For this program the Gup Belt System is used it is a progression of tests for colored belts in pursuit of the black belt with everyone starting as a white belt. Prior to black belt there are 10 belts levels that must be tested for. The progression of white to black belt represents the cycle of the seasons and each color stands for a specific stage of achievement. In this way we realize an essential concept of oriental philosophy, which is, that which is born must grow, reach maturity, die and leave behind seeds for new birth.Blue belt is the final stage of the ripening process prior to black belt and is the completion of one life cycle and the beginning of the next. The next cycle is called Dan or Black belt system, which goes as high as ninth degree black belt since 10 is perfection and nobody can be perfect they can only strive to be perfect.
Once you sign up for classes in this program, you will receive instruction on an individual basis from one of our internationally certified Black Belt instructors and when you feel comfortable with the basic techniques learned you are gradually transitioned into the main gup class. We currently have combined youth and adult classes, however as the need arises youth and adult classes only will be implemented.

Advanced Rank

Monday & Thursday 7:55 - 9:15

This program is only for Blue and Black belts. It is for all ages from youth through seniors. Master Rich Arteca is the instructor for this program. Areas covered in this program are both basic and advanced hand techniques (Soo Ki) for blocking and striking, both ground and jumping kick techniques (Jo Ki), forms (hyungs), free sparring (Ja Yu Dae Ryun), offensive sparring using kick and hand techniques (Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun), self defense techniques (Ho Sin Sul), breaking (Kyuck Pa), falling, weapons such as long staff (Bong), dagger (Dan Gum), long sword (Jang Gum) and cane (Ji Pangi). This is a very rigorous program designed to help teach students information required for advancement to higher black belt ranks and perfection of existing techniques.

Special Classes for Groups

These presentations/programs are for elementary, middle and high schools, local community-development organizations such as Boy or Girl Scout groups, church groups and others. These presentations are free of charge and emphasize how the martial arts teaches positive values, ethics, motivation, self confidence, discipline, respect, focus and many other life skills for both children and young adults. Presentations will show how the martial arts can be applied to our everyday lives in order to help individuals be all they can be. Some specific topics contained in talks are bullying, the ABCs of success through goal setting, self discipline and others. For more details on specific programs please feel free to contact us.


The demonstration begins with an opening salutation as would normally be done during the beginning of a regular class. This is followed by a brief explanation of what Tang Soo Do is all about while the students are doing a brief warm-up. All students in the demo group will then do some basic techniques including kicks, punches and blocks. The demo group is then broken down in groups according to rank and breaking, hyung, weapons, sparring and self-defense will be demonstrated at the various belt levels. At the end of the demo there will be a grand finale with some more difficult breaks and advanced weapons by the highest-ranking students. The demonstration officially ends with a closing salutation in the same manner as the end of a regular class. Contact us today to set up a free demonstration for your group or organization.

Private Lessons

There are a variety of reasons for taking private lessons, some of which include:

  • If you would like to learn more in depth or are having trouble with specific techniques such as forms, breaking, specific kicks, sparring, self-defense, hand and/or kick combinations, advanced kicks, weapons or others.
  • In order to catch-up because of vacations, other sports, work or school commitments.
  • For the individual who cannot make it at the regularly scheduled class time but wants to take class and progress at his or her own.
For more details on arranging private lessons, feel free to contact us.