Traditional Martial Arts in a Family Atmosphere.

Our Studio


Arteca's Martial Arts has been a certified studio in the World Tang Soo Do Association since 1999. During this time the student base at our studio has grown dramatically requiring more space than at our previous locations in Potters Mills. To overcome this space limitation we purchased an old Lutheran church located in Spring Mills, PA with over 3,000 square feet of actual training space more than tripling our original space.

We have been up and running at this location thanks to the hard work of the students at Arteca's Martial Arts since November 2004. Now that we have a permanent facility to call home, we will slowly be adding a variety of programs while still maintaining the quality of instruction people have grown accustomed to at Arteca's Martial Arts.



"My son decided to try Karate after talking to Alex Smith, a black belt at Arteca's Martial Arts who started around the same age as Cy. Alex and Cy had similar interests and Cy looked up to Alex as a role model. Cy had tried several other activities, but they did not keep his interest. When he was in Boy Scouts I really liked the discipline and teaching of the Scouts. So when he decided to try Karate, I was really happy about the teachings of Tang Soo Do, specifically the 5 codes, 7 tenets, and 14 attitude requirements. By incorporating these values with the physical aspects of the art, it seems to me that it is a holistic approach to sports, discipline, respect, honor, friendship, and more. After Cy had been attending for about 9 months, I decided that this might be a good way for us to spend some quality family time together, so I decided to give it a try (and I really needed a more structured exercise program). It has been over a year now and we are still going strong. We have grown stronger (physically and mentally) and healthier. We have tried to make this a way of life. Cy has definitely benefited from the training, he has more self-confidence, discipline, and friends that he met at the Dojang. It is hard work, but worth it. I recommend it to anyone willing to give it a try, I started at 50 years old, my son was 10. Arteca's Martial Arts is family oriented, friendly, and a great place to learn this new art form, Tang Soo!"

Peggy Fisher, 5th gup

Absolutely amazing staff! Arteca's provides support for growth in so much more than "just" martial arts. Wonderful family atmosphere with superbly grounded morals and ethics. We drive from Bellefonte to Spring Mills twice a week to allow my daughter to train with the best.

Beth Whitman, mother of Mykhala, 3rd gup


As a retired 57-year-old, I have come to embrace the concept that Tang Soo Do develops the mind, body, and spirit. Many of the people I know wonder why a man of my age would subject himself to the rigors of karate, but my answer is simply, "Why not?" I could spend my time rocking in my retirement

gift and come up with many excuses from having hip replacement to being too old for that. Instead, I chose to continue to improve myself and actively participate in something that enhances my well-being. I may not be able to physically do what younger members do, but Tang Soo Do does not compare me to others; it allows me to inspect my own growth and create a journey that is uniquely mine. As a wise student of mine once told me, "Age is just a number." I am asking you to come and create your own journey with me and others.

Mike Flickinger, 1st degree black belt